Asian Forensic Sciences Network

Illicit Drugs Workgroup (IDWG)


The strategic goals of the Illicit Drugs Working Group:
• enhance the expertise and competency of illicit drug analysis
• establish quality assurance requirements
• promote accreditation among member laboratories
• encourage research and development in illicit drug analysis
• encourage knowledge sharing amongst members on issues relating to illicit drugs analysis, especially on emergence and challenges of NPS in this region
• organize annual workgroup meeting with specific training areas to meet needs of member laboratories
• act as a platform for knowledge sharing and information exchanges on new development and trends
• co-ordination of the work between other organisations (SWGDRUG and UNODC)

Position Held Name Country / Region Institute
Chairperson Dr. Vanitha Kunalan Malaysia Department of Chemistry
Vice-Chairperson Ms. Lim Jong Lee Wendy Singapore Health Sciences Authority
Secretary Ms. Angela D Salvador Philippines Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
Members Mr. Pg Helmy Pg Hj Rabaha Brunei Darussalam Department of Scientific Services
Ms. Pg Hjh Amal Maswati Binti Pg Haji Jaludin Brunei Darussalam Department of Scientific Services
Mr. Kapil Sharma India Directorate of Forensics Services
Ms. Carolina Tonggo Marisi Tambunan Indonesia National Narcotics Board
Dr. Jaesin Lee South Korea National Forensic Service
Dr. Yujin Park South Korea National Forensic Service
Mr. Wong Yong Shiang Malaysia Department of Chemistry
Mr. Zoljargal Gantogtokh Mongolia National Institute of Forensic Science
Ms. Sally Rosales Philippines National Bureau of Investigation
Pol. Lt. Col. Lourdeliza G. Cejes Philippines Philippine National Police Forensic Group
Pol. Major Roanalaine B. Baligod Philippines Philippine National Police Forensic Group
Mr. Gulnazira Yermagambetova Republic of Kazakhstan Forensic Examination Centre of the Ministry of Justice
Mr. Saule Zhazylbekova Republic of Kazakhstan Forensic Examination Centre of the Ministry of Justice
Dr. Ong Mei ChingNew Singapore Health Sciences Authority
Ms. Sandya Rajapakse Sri Lanka Government Analyst's Department
Mr. Kulendran Anushan Sri Lanka National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, National Narcotics Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pongruk Sribanditmongkol Thailand Chiang Mai University
Ms. Tassawan KorsetthaphongNew Thailand Office of Narcotics Control Board
Ms. Ratree Srimak New Thailand Office of Narcotics Control Board
Dr. Supawon Srettabunjong Thailand Siriraj Hospital
Dr. Somsak Sunthornphanich Thailand Department of Medical Sciences
Mr. Mario Maria Martins Timor Leste Scientific Police and Criminal Investigation
Dr. Justice Tettey UN United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Mr. Scott Oulton USA Drug Enforcement Administration

SWGDRUG Mass Spectral Library

SWGDRUG has compiled a mass spectral library from a variety of sources, containing drugs and drug-related compounds. All spectra were collected using electron impact mass spectrometry systems. This library is available for download from this website.

DISCLAIMER: Although SWGDRUG makes an effort to review the accuracy of spectra prior to entry, this library should only be used as an analytical tool. SWGDRUG recommends the use of traceable reference materials to support identifications of drugs ( please see SWGDRUG Recommendation, Part IV B – Quality Assurance/Validation of Analytical Methods, Section 2.3 on Reference Materials).

AFSN IDWG partners with SWGDRUG to host the Shimadzu format for the SWGDRUG MS Library. All other versions (NIST format, Agilent format and NIST Text) are available at SWGDRUG website



Version 3.13 (June 30, 2023)

Shimadzu Format
Compound List


Frequently Asked Questions
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